A few words from Rev. Bill McAuslan
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One of the things that I learned from this and other experiences is that the life of faith

is not one to be lived in black and white, right and wrong.
At its best it is experienced in the rainbow hues of earth, and air and sky
and warmed with varying tones of skin and human experience
and animated by people who in some way desire
“to reach out and touch the hand of God”

The heart of my theology – my understanding of God

Is creational – experienced in the many facets of life and the world in which we live
and relational – experienced in the many faces that we meet in our day to day life
and covenantal – experienced in the fidelity of God who has this great desire
to be in relationship with us, and who is constantly
nudging his/er way into our day to day life

The heart of my ecclesiology – my understanding of the Church

When we gather as a church family in worship, or in fellowship
we are called into relationship.
As a people who have experienced God’s love
we are then called to live Love 3
Loving God
Loving our neighbour
and Loving ourselves

Over 30 years I have served 4 Rural / Small Town charges in SouthWestern Ontario

and have assisted a number of neighbouring churches of different denominations,
in moving into a new future involving amalgamation, or realignment.
When I saw the faith journey undertaken here in Kingston at Crossroads,
I felt drawn to be a part of this visionary endeavour.
I really look forward to the journey of faith that is before us,
and I look forward to meeting you, as you come in and share the journey of life.
In the faith that only comes from honest doubts and heartfelt searching