We Bring Our Gifts to Share

This song was a challenge to put together, being written in the middle of a nasty kidney stone attack (and right after Easter. Talk about "rolling the stone away"!). I was housebound while waiting for a follow-up visit to my doctor and was in severe agony. As I paced around my house trying to take my mind off the pain, I would pass by our living room piano, and randomly press a few keys. I couldn’t remain still for long, and rarely was I able to punch out more than a half-dozen notes at a time before moving on, but gradually a melody began to emerge. I eventually used the melody for an offertory song, and began thinking about the theme of giving. It occurred to me that sometimes we think that we don't have much to give, whether it is time, talent or money. Yet if we look at our lives closely, there is always something that we can give to others that will enrich their lives. In my case, it might be a song that I could share, even though that was not my objective at the time. And even small things count. Our gifts give expression to our thanks, and when I finally had my stone successfully treated, amongst other things, I was thankful that “this too shall pass”.