Call On Me

Ps 3:4/Ps 120:1/Is 58:9/Jon 2:2/Jer29:12 - call on God and God answers
Mt 4:10 - God's kingdom/will on earth
Rom 14:17 - the kingdom is a matter of righteousnesss and peace
Lk 9:2/Lk 10:9 - proclaim the kingdom and heal the sick
Gen 2:15 - mankind to take care of the garden
Is 3:14 - you have ruined God's vineyard
Gen 9:8-17 covenant with all life
Mt 7:7/Lk 11:9 seek and you will find
Jn 14:20/15:4-7/17:23/1 Jn 3:24 Christ is in us & we are in Christ
Jn 14:16/Jn 16:13 holy spirit will be with you forever
2 Cor 9:6 - sow generously to reap generously
Ps 25:59/Ps 48:14/Ps 139:10 - God will guide you
Is 43:2-5/Deut 31:6&8/Heb 13:5 God is with us