God Works Through Us

As I write songs, some are begun with a flourish of inspiration, but then annoying shortcomings - though minor - emerge and wonít let go. Most creators want their work to withstand the test of time, after all. I thought that this song was completed, but it seemed to beg for revisions. For instance, the third note never seemed to be right, so I changed it so that the melody would first go upwards but then come right back again. That seems to mirror what happens when God is working through us - we take enthusiastic steps forward, but then a disappointed step backwards. Our hope is that in the end, we are further ahead when we seek the peace and new life that can follow from applying oneís faith. We have been given the building blocks for that new life; now our challenge is to add to that foundation. Worrying that our efforts arenít perfect isn't helpful - there will always be a critic to find something amiss anyhow. No wonder Christ suggested that we leave perfection in God's hands. In the end, creating a song reminds us that much of what needs to be done is only possible with the help of others. A song is just a scrap of paper if it is never sung by another. So let the life we build be a song of harmony, not discord. And building new life will take work; the courage to reassess one's efforts; and the willingness to keep on singing.