If Your Worries Get You Down

The arrival of COVID19 threw most of our lives into turmoil. On top of the usual stresses of daily living, the frequent shifts in pandemic protocols and the restrictions on who you could meet and where you could work only made things worse. (Yes, while writing this, my car battery did show itself to be a "dud" and starting the car in winter was exasperating, but at least my bank account wasn't drained). But even in non-pandemic times, we often wonder if there is "more bad news yet to come". The apostle Paul faced hardships too, and often wrote about them in his letters. Yet Paul advocated persevering in the face of difficulty, and where would Christianity be if he hadn't weathered the storms of life? Originally, I wrote this song as a light-hearted response to my frustrations, and for use in informal settings - not necessarily as a hymn. But I've learned that one church has used it for exactly the latter purpose. I suppose it depends on whether we want our worship to take our mind off our troubles or to face them. Whichever it is, we are not alone; God is at our side either way.