It Moves in Creation

The lyrics to this song originated with the intention of addressing one of the more difficult concepts in Christianity - the trinity (see optional verse in the .txt file). New Testament writers struggled to explain the link connecting God, Jesus and the mysterious presence called the Spirit which remained with the disciples after the death of Jesus. How could they be different yet the same? Yet God is all about connection – the apostle Paul calls God the one in whom we all "move and have our being”. We expect God to be omnipotent, but it is rather in God's omnipresent nature that the sacred is more readily found. So what is sacred? The answer is often revealed in the action of creating: in the world that God has created (and is still creating); in fostering healthy relationships; and in the help we offer to the weakest among us. The God that appears to us can have many “faces”, none of which exclusively shows the fullness of what God is. But one characteristic is common to all those “faces” – love. A love for humanity right down to the last individual, a love for what God has created, a love for peace and justice, and a love that lasts forever. And when we care for both God's world and for each other, we reflect that love.