To Love Our God

Every Christian should be familiar with the “Golden Rule” – love God and love your neighbour as yourself. But what gets in the way of loving God? Usually it’s how we treat our neighbour. We may think of ourselves as “good people” yet each of us is capable of great good and great evil. Many German soldiers who participated in Holocaust atrocities were “normal” people. We are fortunate that we’ve never had to make those decisions. We assume that sin is the “big stuff” and only occurs in “bad” people. Yet we too miss the mark of what God wants from us – even in “small” things. We have the potential to do much more, but apathy or fear keeps us back. So we “lose our salt”, removing the flavour of positive action from our lives, believing that it’s better to do nothing than to do the “wrong” thing. That means we might be missing out on a chance to help. We also make things worse by blaming others when things don’t go our way. It was difficult to find the "right" words for this song, but blaming a writing teacher from years ago would be no more helpful than blaming my fingers for not typing the right words. Too often, we put the blame in the wrong place. Our shortcomings don’t lie in our fingers or with other people. They lie within our hearts. God's forgiveness lets us come to terms with our mistakes - even willful ones - so we can move beyond them. And by forgiving and supporting others, we help them “break through to love” as well.