May the Christ Who Walks

“Celtic prayer – origin unknown”. So far, that’s all that I can come up with when I try to find out more about these ancient words. Will the fruits of our labours also be remembered only as “origin unknown” by some future investigator? Will we leave behind any fruits that are worth remembering, regardless of whom they come from? At the end of the day, it is what we do that defines us. Every action has an impact, good or bad, on some small part of the future, whether the author of that deed is known or not. When we look into the eyes of another person, we see some of the legacy of their parents and friends, and their parents and friends, and ultimately, of God, the first parent of humanity, and in whose image we have been made. As we use the compassion of our hearts and the actions of our hands while walking our journey, may it lighten the journey of others, even if it is unrecognized, for unrecognized does not mean unimportant. I may not know the name of the monk who first penned the words on which this song is based (I’m terrible with names anyhow), but I am grateful that he didn’t toss it into the rubbish bin at the end of his day.