Move Us to Action

Sometimes justice is a long time in coming. Too often most of us would rather wait and let someone else take the lead. Yet sometimes, like Moses, we are surprised to find that the "someone else" is us. It seems like we need to be prodded into acting - even if it is only speaking out. And we certainly could use the courage to do the right thing more often. But it's not just the possible dangers that restrain us (even though some who promote a fairer society pay a terrible price). Sometimes, I think we simply don't know what to do next, or have the confidence that what we do will matter. Since my youth, I've been a procrastinator (it took months to come up with more than the first line of this song), and I've often been caught in the bind of not knowing how to begin. And when we act, could we make things worse? So we also need to be humble in seeking redress for injustice; even though the goal may be clear, the way is often murky. It's also important to allow God to move through our actions in finding a way that does not exploit, is fair to all, and like God, is surprisingly generous, even to the "undeserving". In health, opportunity, genetics or nurture, we have received some of that generosity. To share that abundance is the beginning of justice, and of a fuller life.