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Crossroads United Church - OUTREACH JUSTICE ADVOCACY

Crossroads is a generous and caring congregation; a congregation that works well together and works collaboratively within the Kingston community.

The Outreach, Justice & Advocacy Committee is a subcommittee of the Crossroads United Church Council. It consists of volunteers who represent the congregation. As part of this congregation, the Committee is action-oriented, working together to achieve goals.

Some of the activities the Outreach, Justice & Advocacy Committee is currently involved in include:

  • Stewardship of the Crossroads Outreach Donation Budget
  • Promotion of the Mission and Service of the United Church of Canada
  • Bringing attention to social issues in the community
  • Cooperation and support with other congregations and groups in the community (e.g., the Salvation Army's Bread of Life and Hamper programs)
  • Participation in the West Kingston Refugee Partnership (WKRP), which is working with the Islamic Centre of Kingston and Edith Rankin, St. Andrew's-by-the-lake, Cataraqui, and Cooke's-Portsmouth United Churches to help bring at least two refugee families to Kingston and to raise funds and provide support as they establish themselves in our community. Click here for more information.

If you would like more information on what we do, please check out our handbook. If you are interested in joining our committee, please email the Chair at CrossroadsUnitedOutreach@gmail.com or leave a message at 613-542-9305.