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meet, grow, serve

Crossroads United Church
"where life and Spirit meet"

A new United Church congregation in Kingston, Ontario, formed by the merger of Queen St. and St. Margaret's United

690 Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd.
Kingston ON, K7M 1A2
office email: chrchsect@bellnet.ca

Rev. Evenden's email: minister@crossroadsunited.ca
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News and Notices . . .

Worship continues
(in a different format!)

Palm Sunday
Click here for April 5, 2020 Online Worship at Crossroads

New feature: live "Congregational Check-in" Sunday April 5 between 9:30 and 10am

Effective Immediately

Monday, April 6, 2020 - Holy Week at Crossroads
– a Message from Rev. Judith M. Evenden

We are now into the 4th week of our Crossroads Church building closed, and all programs held within it being suspended. All of us have had to adapt to this new way of being church, finding ways to still be connected while we are apart. I want to offer my heart-felt gratitude to the Crossroads staff and volunteers who have responded with grace, enthusiasm and good humour to the challenges placed before us by this pandemic. A church does not, and never has been, the function of a few. The best run communities of faith have, as pillars of support, a variety of folk who do what they do best, offering what they can, when they can. For all you have done – THANK YOU!
Please click here to read the remainder of Rev. Judith's message

Each day that we are apart, may you feel Spirit connecting us through the persistent prayers of one another. God Bless,
Rev. Judith M. Evenden, Minister

During this time, Rev. Judith Evenden, and our Church Administrator, Karen Elliott, will still be available by phone and email, during regular office hours, and will try to respond to needs as they arise.

Rev. Judith can be reached at: minister@crossroadsunited.ca

Karen Elliott, our Administrator, can be reached at: chrchsect@bellnet.ca

Please email or call for assistance. We will also be updating our Facebook page and Website as more information becomes available.

There is information available on these pages from the United Church of Canada:


Crossroads Wellness Program
Winter Session (Jan 7 - March 26, 2020)

Wellness programs are suspended until further notice due to the CoVid19 crisis.

Tuesday mornings
  - Seniors' Fitness - 8:30 - 9:30am
  - Zumba Gold - 9:45 - 10:30
    Click here to watch Tuesday program video

Wednesday mornings
  - Parkinson's Fitness - 10:00 - 11:00am
  - Better Balance - 11:15 - 12:00noon
    Click here to watch Wednesday program video

Thursday mornings
  - Fitness for Arthritis - 8:45 - 9:30am
  - Gentle Cardio - 9:30 to 10:00am
  - Community Conversations - 10:15 - 11:15am
    Click here to watch Thursday program video
(click here for
Winter Program poster!)

All sessions are taught by certified instructors, are geared to all fitness levels, and are for both men and women. Sessons are free, although a goodwill offering per class is appreciated, if possible.
Everyone is welcome - come and see!

Bread of Life - can you help?

This is a group of helpers from Crossroads that serves dinner (organized by the Salvation Army) the last Monday of each month to those in need.
(temporarily suspended due to CoVid19)
Can you volunteer? Contact the church office or sign up after church.

Advent 2019 Newsletter now available here
Click here to view our Advent 2019 newsletter.

Tyson Sullivan on guitarNew Sounds in Worship
Come join us as we make our 10:30am Sunday worship accessible to all ages with an approachable contemporary style. Our alternative music ensemble usually features acoustic guitar joined by woodwinds, and keyboard.

Watch for their next appearance!
Warm-up music starts at 10:20am

If you're an instrumentalist, why not consider joining our group?
Contact Allan (ab25@queensu.ca)

Grow your faith!
Would you like to enhance your faith journey?
Why not try the

Crossroads Bible Study group
(Tuesdays at 10:30am)
(temporarily suspended due to CoVid19)

for a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that gives the chance for you to grow in your faith.

Music Notes Click the speaker icon to hear the recording!
Choir anthem - Sun. Feb 23, 2020
    "Bathe Me In Your Light" (music by Ron Klusmeier, lyrics by John Oldham ©2020) click to hear Bathe Me In Your Light

Choir anthem - Sun. Jan 26, 2020
    "Be My Church" (music by David Lantz III, lyrics by Pamela Stewart ©2017) click to hear Be My Church

Choir anthem - Sun. Oct. 20, 2019
    "Deep Within" (music by David Haas ©1988) click to hear Deep Within

Choir anthem - Sun. May 6, 2018
    "O Love" (music by Elaine Hagenburg ©2016) click to hear O Love

Music featured on Sun Jan. 7, 2018New Sounds musical group, 2018
"On the Wings of a Dove" (Mariana Buchanan, vocal & guitar; Glenn Foster, banjo) click to hear On the Wings of a Dove

Music featured on Sun Dec. 10, 2017
"Came He Not in Fire" (chimes and choir) click to hear Came He Not In Fire
"Longing for the Light, We Wait in Darkness" (Bernadette Farrell, ©1993)click to hear Longing For the Light
      with flute soloist Susan Lew
"One Light, One Sun" (Raffi, ©1985) click to hear One Light
"Star of Heaven, Child of God" (Diane Hannibal, ©2014) click to hear Star of Heaven
"Light of Peace" (Joel Raney, ©2007) click to hear Light of Peace
Two Sonatas by Corelli played by the Dolce Trio click to hear Corelli Sonatas
      (Susan Lew, flute; Josh Lewis, violin; Frank Lewis, piano)
Hand chimes featured in worship at Crossroads
Chancel chimes 2017
Sunday, December 18, 2016 - "Still, Still, Still" click to hear Still, Still, Still
Sunday, March 6, 2016 - "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" click to hear Let All Mortal Flesh
Sunday, May 1, 2016 - "Simple Gifts" click to hear Simple Gifts
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10:30 a.m.
physical accessibilitywheelchair accessible

hearing assistance availablehearing assistance available

Youth Worship classes and Nursery Care
For details click here

click here to view and hear new music
New worship songs from Crossroads

View and listen to original hymns/songs and lyrics heard from time to time in our worship

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About the season: Lent
When: Lent consists of the forty days (plus 6 Sundays) before Easter (Apr. 12 in 2020). It begins on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 26 in 2020)
Meaning: "Lent" originally simply meant "Spring", when the days lengthen.
Colour: Purple
Significance: a period of penitance (seeking forgiveness), in remembrance of Christ's sacrifice.

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Final Report of the Visioning Group
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Green at Cross- roads
click here to find out more about green initiatives at Crossroads, including our 10kW solar array as we live out our commitment to "Live with respect in Creation"