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Crossroads United Church
"where life and Spirit meet"

690 Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd.
Kingston ON, K7M 1A2
office email: chrchsect@bellnet.ca

Rev. Evenden's email: minister@crossroadsunited.ca

Worship continues
(in a different format!)

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On Sundays, check out our live "Congregational Check-in" 9:30 - 10:30am (click link above)

News and Notices . . .

January 2021 Newsletter now available here
Click here to view our January 2021 newsletter.

Christmas Basket Results
This past Christmas season, Crossroads once again collected donations in support of the Salvation Army's Chistmas Hamper Program. Our church raised $3360 to enhance food security in our community this season. Thank you to all those who contributed. Well done Crossroads!

While the Crossroads building may be closed to most activities, our Church is very much still 'open' – with worship online, and responding to your inquires by phone, email, and mail. Keep looking here for updates.

During this time, Rev. Judith Evenden, and our Church Administrator, Karen Elliott, will still be available by phone and email, during regular office hours, and will try to respond to needs as they arise.

Rev. Judith can be reached at: minister@crossroadsunited.ca

Karen Elliott, our Administrator, can be reached at: chrchsect@bellnet.ca

There is information available on these pages from the United Church of Canada:


fitness classes
Crossroads Wellness Program
online via ZOOM
Winter Session (Jan 12 - March 31, 2021)

  - Seniors' Fitness - 10:00 - 11:00am
  - Gentle Mindful Yoga - 1:00 - 2:00pm

Wednesday mornings
  - PWR!Moves (Parkinson's Fitness)
        - 10:00 - 11:00am
  - Exercise with Arthritis - 11:15 - 12:00noon

(click here for Fall Program poster!)

All sessions are taught by certified instructors, and are geared to all fitness levels. Registration is required. To register, email Allison at wellness@crossroadsunited.ca

Everyone is welcome!

This Program is sustained solely by the goodwill offerings of participants & donors. If you would like to make an online offering in support of this Program, click on this link: Click here to donate on-line!

For the Love of Seniors Food Box
The Crossroads Wellness Program, in conjunction with nutritionist and chef, Emily Johnson-Martin, has put together a For the Love of Seniors Food Box menu list. It contains over 20 nutritious recipes and the related grocery list. So if you would like to try some tasty new recipes we invite you to download the information here. And why not invite a few family members or friends to do the same? Virtually get together and share a meal - break bread together. Because wellness is not just about exercise! Click here to get the details.

A new way to donate to Crossroads!

In addition to the Canada Helps online deposit tool, you can now also use an e-transfer directly from your bank.

Complete the following steps for your e-transfer donation to Crossroads:
  1. Log on to your bank's on-line banking tool using your browser
  2. Select Interac “e-Transfer​”
  3. Select your bank account and enter the dollar amount​ of your donation
  4. Set-up “New Recipient” (if not already set-up for Crossroads) ​
  5. a) Select "Notify By" and enter this email address:
    b) Add or Save as your bank requests.​
  6. Select this New Recipient and complete the transaction as indicated on your screen.
  7. Send a separate email confirming your e-transfer to donations@crossroadsunited.ca
    In this email, please provide your full name, address, postal code, donation amount, etc. This will ensure donations are recorded correctly and an end-of-year tax receipt can be sent out in January for all accumulated donations above $20.​
  8. You will receive a confirmation email when your e-transfer donation has been processed.

Thank you for helping sustain Crossroads' ministry in these difficult times!

Prayer Square Ministry

Recently, Crossroads has been distributing prayer squares Kevin talks with Rev. Linda Price about these interesting devotional items. (Click the triangle at the bottom left of the video to start the video)

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New worship songs from Crossroads

View and listen to original hymns/songs and lyrics heard from time to time in our worship

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About the season: Epiphany
When: Epiphany itself occurs on Jan 6 (on the 12th day after Christmas - hence the name of the Christmas song!). The season lasts either for a week or until Ash Wednesday (Feb. 17 in 2021), the beginning of Lent.
Meaning: "to reveal" - a shining forth of the light of Christ. Often a period for emphasizing the mission of the church.
Colour: WHITE
Event: Traditionally, Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the magi ("wise men"), the first to "reveal" Jesus to the wider world

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Final Report of the Visioning Group
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Green at Cross- roads
click here to find out more about green initiatives at Crossroads, including our 10kW solar array as we live out our commitment to "Live with respect in Creation"